Battin the Breeze with Scruff

When I was a mongrel kid I spent a bit of time with a famous cattle droving family who owned a 300 thousand acre station (Now that‘s a backyard) called Highlands at Blackall, Qld. These days we don‘t see as many huge mobs and droving camps in the ―Long Yard‖ ! Sadly another part of Aussie history fading away. Roamin Around was inspired by Hank, Glady and Lee Bauer.

the Bushie goes only the Bushie knows - For most people it‘s to get away from the rat-race and neighbours. I wrote "The Bushie" story while reminiscing on my grandparents` 23 thousand acres at Blackall QLD. They still make ‗em like they use‘ to, but you have to go out of your way a little.

*Travel advice; if you should meet one of these in their natural environment you‟ll most likely be in for a cuppa‟ and a yarn or two - and may need to refer to Scruff‟s Translations!

Everyone knows one of those rev-heads who enjoy tinkering with the dreaded mechanical beast but I wrote "Rugged n Ready" with one particular mate in mind. This Bloke‘s called Spud. His idea of a romantic-night out, is a pie and chips (Financed by the lady) at the nearest Roadhouse. If you own a car or anything else with an engine he‘ll have a go at it; you too may know someone like this. (Or maybe not).

Many years ago my parents grew this monkey-tucker in the Tweed Valley, northern NSW. They had it tough in those days in the late 1960‘s when we still had timber cases to pack them in for market as cardboard cartons were just coming into Voge, Vooge, style in the 1980s and I don‘t think a lot has changed. It‘s still bloody hard yakka.

Notice!   Bananas don‘t have to be bent; that‘s just how they are.

Pictured is Kevin Newsome with very large hand of bananas (57 bananas) at Murwillumbah.

Photo taken by professional photographer the late Bruce Devine.