Aussie Slang

Hear Scruff introduce himself and explain a little about Aussie lingo and slang.

Before we start so there’s no doubt, be sure ta’ get a good pozzie’

‘Cause the language I speak is only one, that’s plain ol ’ Aussie

Now let me’ explain to ya’, this thing called “Aussie-slang”

Some say it sounds unusual; that’s called an “Aussie-twang”
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Mowin` Mad

Well it’s mid-mornin’ sund’y, as I syke me’self for the chore ahead

It’s the one that anyone semi-normal, would simply dread

I know it’s time to mow, ‘cause the kids are gettin’ harda’ ta’ find

But to succeed at this conquest, I must be in the right frame of mind

There are the usual pre-flight checks, a bitta’ fuel and a tyre kick . . .
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Dream Machine

Soon we’ll be havin’ a party,’ cause today it’s me’ birthday

All the mates will be around, we’re sure to playup in a big way

Up goes the rolla-door, I’m out the back in me’ shed

Suddenly I stare amongst the junk , I must’ve bumped me’ head . . .
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What a Crew

It’s another day for another dollar, as I arrive at the main gate

I drag out the ol ’tucker-box and water bottle, and then I hesitate

As I begin to reflect upon the years now past; have I been a fool ?

Would I be successful now, if I’d studied more at school ? . . .
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the Timber Cutter

As the chainsaw finally stops hummin

I breathe a sigh as I hear the big cummins

For it’s been another hard day’s slog

Blood, sweat and tears for just a few logs . . .
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The Bushie

We’re in the dust and heat and outback bound

‘cause we know that’s where the "Bushie" is mostly found

You can find ‘em milkin’, ploughin’, fencin’, or just feedin’ the chooks

They’re from great stock, mostly farmers, stockhands, truckies, or drovers cooks

When out and about it’s not hard to spot a "Bushie" . . .
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What To See At Sea

The sea is calm, there’s a breeze, although very slight

A great expanse of water, from here to way out of sight

People in many bright colours, they gather on the dock

They push, shove and jostle, just like a big seagull-flock
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The Bridge Gang Boys

For most of us the day starts like any other

With a gentle prod from our spouse or a lover

But for the bridge gang boys, there’s another stage

To raise them from slumber, requires a rattle of the cage
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Gettin` Used To Me` Dentist

The date is set, a Dentist I must see

Although it seems I must, another place I’d rather be

The fateful day is here, in the hall I wait me’ turn

But as the last victim’s out, the ol ’ gut begins to churn
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Gone Bananas

It’s been another hard day earning, it seems for very little gain

For today we’ve been humpin’ bananas, in the mud, slush and rain

Our clothes are old and worn, with unusual patterns from the sap

Some are a sight to see, with the homemade patches that overlap
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Fishin’ Mad

For days now I’ve been hearin’, about all the fish they’ve been baggin’

It’s the same ol ’ story, the less they caught, the more they’re braggin’

Soon we’re windin’ through the scrub, towards our favourite water-hole

A great day and just how we like it, not another livin’- soul
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Outback Campin’

An early morning rise, as everybody’s keen

A quick scoff of burnt toast and a cup of forty-beans

We’re in the fourbie, three wide, two deep and the foot goes down

‘cause it’s campin’ on our minds and we’re leavin’ town
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Kickin’ Up A Storm

There’s an unnerving calm, as we wander outside into the early morn’

There’s not a soul around, it appears the world has gone

For the clouds have descended to form an eerie-mist

As if we’re under the spell of a giant-hypnotist
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Goin’ Shoppin

The ol ’ pantry’s empty, it’s time to get some tucker

With the other-half not home yet, looks like I’m the sucker

A quick check in the fridge, and I’m off to me’ local town

As I arrive at the joint,I can feel me’ forehead start to frown
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Traffic Controller

It’s not a bad lookin’ day outside, and it starts off sorta’ normal

The kids are bitchin’, and the “other-half’s” a bit hormonal

I scoff down a bitta’ brecky, then it’s a shave and a showerin’

Been up all night, ‘cause the mob next door’s been rowin’
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Ridin Time

As I arrive at the Rodeo ground in me’ old trusty Ute

I soon find a park in the dust behind number one chute

I’m all pumped up as I check out the scene

It’s a sight to see, the big hats, long boots and spray-on jeans
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Grease Monkey

Those mechanic types are an unusual breed, cut from a mould unlike the others

Some are smart and well groomed, some an embarrassment to their mothers

They don’t greet each other with all that gabble about the daily weather

It’s more about their flash-buggies of chrome, cubes and seats of leather
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Back-Yard Barbie

Well it’s mid-summer, and the stage is set

It’s Sunday arvo’, maybe the hottest day yet

We’re gonna’ have a “Barbie”, with all the ol ’work crew

Over six months since the last, I reckon it’s well overdue
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A Wood – Chippin’ We Go

It’s early a.m. as we arrive on site, we’re the wood-chippin’ crew

We’re mostly a rugged mob, but for some of us, retirement is well overdue

We all gather ‘round for a yarn, have a scratch and a bit of a chat

Then it’s down to business; out come the ear-muffs, on goes the ol ’ crash-hat
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To Be A Boatie

A dream quite often spoken about

Is to be afloat a yacht, cruiser or runabout

To hear the hush on a moonlight night

Disturbed only by the flicker of those distant lights
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Hi’-way Haulin’

It’s about five a.m., just before the break of dawn

I crawl outta’ the bunk , a bit of a stretch and half a yawn

I grab me’ bag ‘n’ towel, then I wander off to the showers

A bitta’ tucker with me’ mates; then check the log to tally me’ hours
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Bush Night Out

All the yakka is done; I’m knockin’ off for the day

I’ll throw on some fresh clobber, and then head out to play

About an hours drive, I find a park at me’ favourite local

As I climb outta’ me’ ute, the crowd’s already a bit vocal
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Not So Bad

After weeks of bein’ crook and feelin’ down

Here I am at hospital, in me’ slippers and gown

There’s that clinical - smell and hallways of polished floors

There are rows of beds in rooms that don’t have any doors
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A Job Well Done

As we face yet another day at dawn

We drag on the old boots, half awake, half at yawn

A short trip later, at the dreaded place

We’re greeted by mostly a familiar face
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Aussie Slang

Before we start so there’s no doubt, be sure ta’ get a good pozzie’

‘Cause the language I speak is only one, that’s plain ol ’ Aussie

Now let me’ explain to ya’, this thing called “Aussie-slang”

Some say it sounds unusual; that’s called an “Aussie-twang”...
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