G’Day,   I’m Scruff and I reckon I’ll start with telling you a bit about myself . . .
I`m just your average “Aussie-Bloke”. I currently live in the Tweed Valley in northern NSW Australia under the shadow of an extinct volcano, (Well, Bloody Hope So). Although I‟ve lived here most of my life, it all began back in 1959 in the little western Qld town of Blackall. After moving with my parents onto a farm in the Tweed I finished school and went on to become an electrician, coach-driver, hospital wardsman, cardboard-box maker, traffic controller then a labourer. Although I once thought good grammar was a pie me grandma often made, I‟m not too good with big words and I don‟t claim to be some flash-poet, I‟ve always liked to tell the odd joke and write a few tales, so I thought I‟d better get something down in some organized way before me‟ use-by date comes `round.

I reckon most of my inspiration came from the variety of characters I‟ve met at work, hence my stories, although fiction, are generally based on life‟s experiences and I‟m sure everyone can relate to at least one. I mostly write poems that are no longer than one page, non-offensive, non-gender specific; where possible I exclude names of places or persons (with the exception of a few personal tribute poems) and there is no reference to religion. My main objectives are to look to the lighter side of life, help preserve the good ol` Aussie-Humour/Slang and hopefully encourage people to look around and appreciate what we`ve got that makes us unique. Oh!! Just in case you‟re having trouble, G’day is pronounced "GUDAY."

Well I reckon that`s about it for me. Grab a couple of mates around a campfire, relax and do ya best to get through the book...

"Well I hope ya day gets better from here on"

"I‟ve done the drudge, you be the judge."